Dozens of girl student fell unconscious due to scorching heat in their newly constructed school due to lack of electricity facility near Railway Station on Saturday.

The school building was constructed about 6 months ago while the management had applied electricity connection prior the completion of building. It lacks electricity and even the drinking water was not available for more than 1500 students.

The parents of the student have protested against apathy of Lesco authority for not providing electricity. On contacting the Lesco high-ups, they replied that meters were not available in the store. On the condition of anonymity an educationist said that without illegal gratification the officials did not supply the electricity.

POLICE DIRECTED TO PERFORM WELL: Inspector General National Highway & Motorway Police Muhammad Saleem Bhatti advised officers to serve the public by improving their performance and warned that favoritism should never be allowed to encroach the roads.

The IG added that violations be checked with zero tolerance otherwise strict action be taken against violators.