Outsourcing means engaging a third party to do business, which the company would not like to do itself. Over the years we have seen a number of inbound and outbound outsourcing companies, providing services to US and European companies. Axact also provides a back office services to a long list of educational companies. These educational institutes would buy educational solution from Axact. Axact would develop and manage the institute’s website. It would provide three module solutions i.e. one for student, second for teachers and third for institute’s administration.

To simply say that a large shopping mall, with all amenities was built by a company like Axact. Hundreds of shops are sold to different people, if three hundred and seventy shops sell fake items and get a bad name, does it mean the company responsible for constructing and maintaining the shopping mall should be raided by federal investigative agencies with a brigade of live broadcasting TV cameras?

My motive in writing this article is the hope that justice will be done to five thousand families who are employed by them and may suddenly become unemployed, due to a ‘Glorified War of Media Houses.’ CEO Axact Mr. Shoaib Sheikh should be taken to task, if he directly or indirectly owns the educational institutes, indulging in fraudulent activities but if his company only provides platform for educational activities, then his media trail should end here.


Lahore, May 20.