Karachi Electric (formerly KESC) had started a television campaign, warning the consumers to pay their outstanding dues, before 15th May, or else defaulters will not only be arrested but their properties will be confiscated and their names will be disclosed in media. I am a KE consumer living in Garden West area of Karachi. I pay my utility bills before due date every month. Today I was informed by my wife that there is no electricity in Garden area since 10:00 am. When I called KE complaint number 118, I was told that my entire area has been shut due to non-payment of KE dues.

I told the KE representative that our apartment consists of 5 blocks (A to E) and not a single flat of the apartment is a defaulter so why were honest consumers being made to suffer?. I was told to visit the nearest KE office in my area with a hand written application and copies of paid bills for the last six months. The KE official did not guarantee that my electricity will be restored after submitting the application.

I am unable to understand why KE is not arresting the defaulters instead of using dirty tricks by punishing the entire area for non-payment by a few people? Is there no sensible person in this organization who cares how they perform or are they day light robbers instead of highly paid government officers appointed to help the common man? I request the officials of KE not to disconnect those connections which are paying their bills. If this is not done, ‘Operation Burq’ will become controversial and protest by consumers, resulting in law and order situation, will be a bonus for KE!


Karachi, May 20.