Renovation to the centuries old building of ‘Babey Di Beri Gurudawara’, left in dilapidated condition after the partition of the Subcontinent, has been started by the Sikh community.

The Sikhs were used to visiting the Gurudawara regularly before the partition of Pakistan and India. Since then, it had been lying unattended as majority of the Sialkot based Sikhs had migrated to India from Sialkot when Pakistan became an independent state in 1947.

Now, refurbishment of the building has begun. Sikh community’s leader Sardar Jaskaran Singh was appointed as its caretaker in Nankana Sahib, Lahore, Hassanabdal, Kartarpura-Shakargarh and other parts of the country.

Mr Singh, who looks after all the matters related to the sacred Sikh places, said that the community has come forward to play its pivotal role in the repairing and renovation to preserve their historic places. He said that all the repairing and reconstruction was being carried out on self-help basis by the Sikh community. He added that the much-delayed work would complete soon.

He said that its boundary and inner walls are also being made high to save it, and added that it would soon be opened for the Sikh community, enabling them to do their worship and perform their religious rites there. He said that their sacred book “Guru Granth” would also be brought here and be kept at Babey Di Beri Gurudawara Sialkot.

He narrated that located in Sialkot city’s congested Hamza Ghaus locality here, the Gurudawara had been a scared place for the Sikhs in the world. Sikh Guru Nanak Dev had stayed at the place for several times during his visits to the old Sialkot about 500 years ago.

According to a book titled “History of Sialkot” written by Rashid Niaz, Guru Nanak Dev had stayed several times at Babey Di Beri Gurudawara during his visits. Singh added that the Sikhs from the globe would soon be visiting it after the completion of its repairing and renovation.

The Delhi Sikh Gurudawara Management Committee, the Pakistan Sikh Gurudawara Parbandhak Committee and the Pakistan Sikh Sangat have warmly welcomed the start of the repairing and renovation of Babey Di Beri Gurudawara building.