a difference of opinion

A:     I just saw that new Indian film, Piku… and Sadiq, I must be really old fashioned, because I found it to be utterly nonsensical and even disgusting.

S:     Umm… so a film about an old man and his health issues is disgusting you to you, but a film about, say a prostitute, or actresses in immodest clothes, or a film that promotes blatant objectification of women is not?

A:     Sadiq you just like to argue with me. When have I ever said that I enjoy the run of the mill Indian film with the item numbers etc? I’m just talking about this one. If a film had to be made about old age and its interaction with youth, making the centre of the film a man’s digestive tract is hardly in good taste.

S:     I know its something that is taboo, and we all shy away from talking about such indelicate things, but it is how normal life is. Going to the loo is a natural and regular activity, why is it such a problem when it is said out loud?

A:     Because some things are just not okay to become public knowledge or discussion. Ever you are not saying the P word.

S:     I am just trying to avoid hurting your old sensibilities. Ameen at one times sex was a taboo, yet today we make films about it and talk openly about it. These things change.

A:     What is the point? By not talking a bout these things, society is hurting no one.

S:     Yes, but what harm is it if one does says the P word, or the F words … and by that I mean feminism… why are words so worrisome for you?

A:     There are some lines that just should not be crossed. And why are you arguing with me. Did you actually like the film?

S:     No. Actually I did not like the film at all.