Lahore (PR) - WAPDA Authority has agreed to grant one month basic pay as ex-gratia/award payment to thousands of WAPDA employees working in hydel power stations, water dams and other electricity and water projects and common services to all regular and contract, temporary and daily labour workers having at least one year service on the eve of Eid Ul Fitr and Eid Ul Zaha @ 50% each Eid on the demand of All Pakistan Hydro Electric Workers Union. Khurshid Ahmed, General Secretary of the Union, along with Abdul Latif Nizamani, Muhammad Ayoub Khokhar, Rana Akhter Ali, Syed Raqeb Shah, Rana Muhammad Akram and Afser Khan Tarbela Power House thanked the decision taken by the Chairman WAPDA and WAPDA Authority and declared that the workers would leave no stone unturned to serve the national institution of Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority by completing its electricity & water projects in time and raise efficiency of the national public utility.