Islamabad - The residents are facing extreme water shortage in sectors I and G of the federal capital.

The sector I-10, I-9, I-11, I-8, G-7, G-11, G-9, Margalla Town and Chak Shahzad are facing extreme water shortage. The citizens of I sectors complained that water shortage has worsened in the last one month and they have to purchase expensive water from private firms and departments. The citizens have appealed to CDA to resolve the matter by taking immediate and emergency measures.

The Capital Development Authority took the stance that major problem has occurred in the sector I, where 23 tanker are supplying the water in the area. Due to increase in electricity load-shedding, the water deficiency has increased in the region, while steps are taken by the government to resolve the matter. The CDA officials said that more than 300 complaints are lodged against the water shortage daily.

Meanwhile, a decision has been taken to install tube-wells on 14 bus stations of metro project in Islamabad. As per decision, one tube-well will be installed on every package in respect of these 14 bus stations and boring work has been started on this count.

On the other side, water connections have been obtained from WASA for 10 bus stations at Rawalpindi of this project. Work is under way on Committee Chowk Underpass. Remodelling of Mareer Chowk and Liaqat Bagh has yet to be done. Work for construction of footpaths on service roads under package-3 of Rawalpindi has yet to be undertaken.

Finishing work on package-3 Islamabad is continuing.