LAHORE - The degree show of Interior and Textile Design Department, Lahore College for Women University (LCWU), kicked off at alhamra Arts Council on Tuesday.

Some 50 students showcased their artworks featuring diverse approaches to their thesis projects according to their own perception and vision. Their projects not only captured the essence of academic programme but also realities of the contemporary world.

Lahore Arts Council Executive Director Capt (r) Atta Muhammad Khan said, “All the students have documented their work as to make them available for future reference.” “With numerous avenues of collaboration opening up on national and international level, it is hoped that lcwu graduates will enter the local as well as global market whereby contributing new ideas and energies to it,” he added.

Syeda Zarin Gul, whose artwork was displayed at the degree show, said that she decided to select Punk Art as her thesis topic for BFA in textile design. “It was a very difficult theme as punk is a visual art associated with the punk subculture,” she told The Nation.

“The main aesthetic of punk visual art seems to be to either shock, create a sense of empathy or revulsion, and make a grand point with an acidic or sarcastic wit,” she added. She explained that main reason to choose topic is the inspiration from Lollywood theatre and its vulgar posters.

Another student, Iram Syed, shared that her thesis work was based on marionette a string based puppet. “My fondness for the bright and bold colours since childhood let me to work on this topic. I’m taking puppets as a design element.”

“Puppetry itself is the best source of communication and entertainment for every age group without any hurting element,” Iram said. Sana Iftikhar, another student, was of the view that her topic “Midnight Garden” comes under the term of romantic naturalism. “Basically the theme of midnight garden shows us the beauty of a garden and nature in the mystery and darkness of the night. I have created window blinds to convey the message that this theme consists. By the usage of blinds we can create a whole environment of a room. That is what I have intended to do. It was my aim to create a variety nature based environment,” she said.Rabiya Zubair displayed Egyptian art fused with art deco. Her thesis element covered elements from architecture, wall painting, interior, jewellery and sarcophagus. She used designs and pattern in both panel and apparel to create a variety of uniqueness in her project.

The degree show will continue till May 26.