I would like to draw attention to an important issue; the promotion of Indian culture and religion by our drama industry. Pakistan society is in danger. Television (and cable) is a cheap source of entertainment. In Pakistan our drama industry made a sudden impact on the minds of people. Our Pakistani drama channels such as Indus vision, Hum TV, ARY Digital, TV One and Geo entertainment etc , are highly influenced by Indian and western channels and try to compete with them. But because of this, they are losing our identity by showing off, glamour, romance etc. Currently, one channel is engaged showing a story which is based on Indian culture and religion, they posed themselves as Hindus and there is no such kind of message for anyone rather Hindu nor Muslims. In other words, giving air restless and anarchy distributing in the society. That is why I would like to request you to avoid producing such dramas. 


Karachi, May 22.