This refers to the public meeting at Okara, addressed by the Prime Minister of the country, made certain “adverse remarks” about the women participants in the PTI public meeting in Islamabad as reported by the press. The remarks attributed towards the prime minister I am sure must be simply a slip of tongue, which he never meant by heart, while the opposition parties were quick enough to make it an issue. Women are respected not only in Pakistan but all over the world.  

In all societies and religions women enjoy a very special status, In Islam paradise is said to be under the feet of mothers. Unfortunately, in the politics in Pakistan even the women are not spared, and our political parties in order to let their opponents down even don’t spare the women family members of those. In the elections 1970s shameful words were used against the honourable mother of ZAB, similarly in the elections of 1977, photographs of Begum Nusrat Bhutto were dropped by airplanes, while adopting such shameful and disgraceful tactics our political parties simply forgot the noble and august status granted to the women specially the mothers in Islam. In the PTI, Islamabad public meeting there were mothers, sisters and daughters of Pakistan, and each participant irrespective of gender, cast, religion or creed is as respectful as any Pakistani. While making comments about women of the country our political leadership should not forget the exemplary role played by them in the history of Pakistan. Starting from Abadi Begum commonly known as Be Amman, the great mother of Jauhar brothers, she encouraged her sons to fight for the freedom and when they were behind the bars she sent a message that she would not forgive them if they give up their cause.  

Begum Muhammad Ali Jahaur was the only women in the Muslim League working committee and wearing a “Burka” she even addressed the public meetings. there is a long list of such women such as Muhtarma Fatima Jinnah Known as Madre Millat who remained with the Quaid in his struggle for the independent Pakistan, and in 1964 challenged the dictator of that time in the presidential elections, than there is a glowing example of Princes Abida Sultana , who on the call of the Quaid left her state of Bhopal the richest in the whole of Sub Continent and with just one suitcase and a small son opted for Pakistan, Begum Liaquat Ali Khan is another such example, who stood with her husband , the right hand man of Jinnah in all adverse circumstances, being wife of a nawab and prime minister of the country, she spent her entire life in a rented house, she also worked as the secretary of Liaquat Ali Khan without drawing any salary when Quaid e Millat was the General Seretary of Muslim League.  

After the independence, who can deny the role of Begum Nusrat Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto in fighting against the doctorial rule and for democracy. In the world history we hardly find women playing such an active role as is the case with the history of Pakistan. Its hoped and requested to all the political leadership of the country not to make any adverse comments towards the women of the country, they are all respectful and are Pakistanis. 


Lahore, May 4.