Now that we're almost done with Meghan and Harry, let's talk about a topic that actually matters but still has something to do with the Royal Wedding.  

Body Shaming – How many of you have directly or indirectly been a part of this gruesome activity? I bet you can't count!  

In a recent affair, Patrick J Adams shared a now-deleted photograph of a woman sleeping in the plane next to him and slammed her for said body-shaming right after attending the Royal Wedding. The post caused a lot of chaos amongst his followers and the media after which the actor decided to take the photo down and posted another along with an extensive apology note and settled the matter right there and then. 

However, with statistics as high as 94% teenage girls and 64% teenage boys being shamed, the cause still remains and doesn't end at just teenagers. Do you ever think it's because we're all so frustrated and damaged beyond repair inside, that we start to ridicule other people in order to feel better? 9 out of 10 times, our response to something that challenges or makes us uncomfortable is rude – it's almost like a reflex. Like we are unable to deal with or accept what's real.  

Body-shaming can be as hurtful as physical violence, even more if not less. Physical wounds heal but words – damn those words seep into your skin like a poisonous demon, slowly and soundly killing you inside. So, before you say "whatever, she's ugly", "Lol. But he's fat", "Dude, you're a skeleton!" or anything that could damage a human being internally; think twice.  

It will not only help you build confidence within yourself and make you an immensely happy and satisfied individual but will also spread positivity and joy wherever you go in this world full of greed, poverty and hatred.