­LAHORE - PTI’s central Secretary Information Fawad Ch on Wednesday took strong exception to the PML-N supreme leader’s assertion that army and the judiciary were behind his prosecution.

Addressing a news conference here at chairman’s secretariat, the PTI leader accused the ex-prime minister of following double standards in politics.

“If the judiciary and the army are supporting him and prosecuting his political opponents, it is right. And, if the two institutions are not standing with him and seeking his trial on Panama scandal, they are conspiring against him,” Fawad observed while pointing out the element of duplicity in ex-prime minister’s style of politics.

Fawad noted that Nawaz did not say a word against General Ziaul Haq during his entire speech before the media. It is because he was the direct beneficiary of his martial law, he added.

“Nawaz had supported such a martial law which weakened the very foundations of this country,” he remarked, adding that he (Nawaz Sharif) had no regrets to offer over his past affiliation with a martial regime. “It was General Jillani who first inducted him into his cabinet as provincial finance minister in 1983, and then he became Punjab’s chief minister with his blessings in 1985” he said.

Fawad told reporters that Nawaz was the only industrialist who got back his factories along with interest after their nationalization by ZA Bhutto.

Referring to Asghar Khan’s case, the PTI spokesperson said that Nawaz Sharif not only remained in power with the blessings of establishment, but also received big amounts [from the ISI] to form the IJI [to stop the PPP from coming into power]. Nawaz Sharif also did not take any action against General Beg and General Durrani who sought permission from him to raise funds through sale of heroin, he averred.

“If he (Nawaz) did not like army’s role in Kargil War, then why is he keeping mum over Siachen War [started during General Zia’s rule]”, he asked.

Talking about Nawaz’s alleged grievances against the judiciary, the PTI leader reminded him of his role in the Memogate case and Yousuf Raza Gilani’s case when he had openly sided with the judiciary against an elected government. Fawad also recalled the past instances of Nawaz and Shehbaz Sharif making telephonic calls to the judges and asking them to award severe punishments to their political opponents.

“Nawaz likes the judiciary when it passes judgments against his political opponents. But he would speak against it when the judges question his role in the Panama scandal,” he said.   

Fawad also challenged Nawaz’s claim that no action was taken against any one in any other country on Panama leaks.

“Prime Minister of Iceland had to go home while around 30 convictions were also made [for people’s involvement in the Panama scam]. Laws were also enacted in countries against money laundering,” he explained, adding that according to money laundering laws recently enacted in the UK, if a person is convicted on money laundering in Pakistan his assets in UK would be confiscated.

PTI leader disagreed with Nawaz Sharif that army was behind the 2014 sit-in. “If army was involved in the sit-in then Nawaz Sharif might have some link with the APS tragedy. It was due to this incident that the PTI had to call off its sit-in,” he said. 

He said his party had to stage the sit-in after the PML-N government refused to open up four constituencies for recounting of votes. 

He alleged that Nawaz Sharif was trying to destroy the political atmosphere ahead of the coming elections. He also said that the PML-N was on the verge of collapse while the PTI was getting strength day by day. “Imram would be the next prime minister after the elections,” he said.