Governance style behind defections in PML-N: Maneka

2018-05-24T01:51:09+05:00 Our Staff Reporter

LAHORE - A sitting Minister of the Punjab Cabinet has stated that the rulers style of governance in Islamabad and Lahore, where the PML-N is in power, is one of the most important factors responsible for the ongoing process of lawmakers defections from this party.

Talking to newsmen at his residence, Minister for Revenue Mian Ata Muhammad Khan Maneka said that the growing impression that the PML-N stands no future after it serves out its five-year term on May 31, has accelerated defections and more people will part ways with the Sharifs in the days and weeks ahead.

A large number of Parliamentarians have already left the PML-N and joined the PTI, the party they believe will rule the country after the July election. Leaders from other parties have also switched loyalties ahead of the election.

The Minister said that the party would face existential threat in case former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was convicted in cases against him.

Elaborating on the Sharifs style of governance, Maneka said that despite being a Minister he did not get an opportunity to meet the Chief Minister for three years.

This, he said, should explain the state of ‘interaction’ between the leadership and ordinary MPAs.

He said that most of the Ministers in the Punjab Cabinet were powerless.  Although they had been inducted in the Cabinet, Secretaries of their departments were under instructions not to take orders or implement them.

“The rulers have given some people offices but not respect they deserve”.

Maneka said that he has been trying to talk to the SMBR (Senior member Board of Revenue) for the last 10 days. But the bureaucrat neither received the phone nor called back, he said.  According to him, all powers were with the Chief Minister and nothing moves without his instructions.

Asked how could defections from the PML-N be stopped, he said that the leaders would give due respect to their party members.  “Love your party members and they will stand by you”. Mian Maneka has decided to quit politics at the end of the term of the present Assemblies. Now his son Hayat Maneka will take part in politics and contest the next election.


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