Jails in Pakistan are in Pathetic conditions and are not facilitated. They don’t have satisfactory infrastructure, toilets, are overcrowded and don’t have the facilities like potable drinking water.

The prisons lack enough security. The staff and the provisional governments have failed to provide equipment. Prisoners often escape from the jails because of the dilapidated infrastructure.

For example, in 2017 two prisoners belonging to the outlawed Lashkar-i-Jhangvi escaped from the central Jail of Karachi and around 15 officials and some others were booked for their alleged negligence. It was observed that the prison was overcrowded since its sanctioned capacity was 2,400, however 5,135 inmates were kept at the British-era detention facility. The jail lacked enough staff, with no medical doctors and it also lacked potable drinking water.

The jails infrastructures and other facilities should be improved because they contain criminals who are dangerous and can harm the citizens, if they escape.


Kech, April 27.