Do you still read posts like on the internet like“Join me to this 21-Day Challenge of no sugar, chocolates, cookies or junks etc?”.This 21- Day Challenge by Whole Wheat Slices is all about eating healthy and living healthy. Consider how conscious are celebrities, influencers, the brides' clan, students and everyone who is struggling with unhealthy eating habits (especially in Ramzan) , this is definitely a great way to detox your body from all the toxins along with unnecessary fat in turn for a refreshing new experience.

Not only this, celebrities like Abdullah Qureshi, Hareem Farooq, Ramsha Khan, Emmad Irfani, Irfan Junejo and Hina Altaf have been a part of this journey and looks like, their 21 Day Challenge was quite productive from avoiding sugar to having a clean and fresh skin. As, Ramsha Khan rightly pointed out “your skin is what you eat.”

Not only has these prominent celebrities, the star power influenced so many people all over Pakistan to follow this challenge as an attempt towards developing Wholesome Living. They have to select a bad habit to drop (for e.g. sugar cravings) or a good habit to start (for e.g. exercising daily for 20 minutes) and do it consistently for 21 days.

The whole idea about having this 21- Day Challenge in collaboration with Whole Wheat Slices (now in Sugar Free) is to promote healthy lifestyle e.g. eating healthy, taking proper sleep, eliminating sugar from our meals and drinking a lot of water. The purpose of introducing these Whole Wheat Slices is to overcome sweet cravings, as they are made from natural whole wheat bran. They alsoaid in digestion, lowering cholesterol and help in weight loss. Not to mention, it is totally sugar free. (Yes, that's true! Sugar is replaced with Sorbitol which is acquired through natural fermentation process and, Malt has been eliminated from the recipe as malt contains sugar). There is NO other wheat biscuit in the market made from natural bran.

The campaign is taking internet by storm! To all the people reading this, it is never too late. Go grab your chance to experience the most refreshing and wholesome experience with this 21-Day Challenge. What habit do you want to start doing?

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