MUZAFFARGARH : Deputy Commissioner Dr Ehtisham Anwar took notice of hoarding of sugar and ordered raids on warehouses across the district. On the orders of the DC, Ismail Mastoi SHO KD Qureshi led a successful raid on a warehouse and seized hundreds of tonnes of sugar hoarded for profiteering. The DC told the media that hoarding and black marketing was a heinous crime, adding that Islam strictly prohibited it. He said that the administration was dealing strictly with profiteers. In another raid, carried out on a tip-off from Special Branch, the police raided a warehouse in Sinawan and recovered more than 4,000 bags of sugar. Similarly, Special Magistrate Tajwar Amin Kotadu raided Abdul Aziz Gurmani Warehouse in Sinawan and recovered more than 3,000 sugar bags. On the occasion, the DC vowed to continue action against hoarders. He directed the district administration to visit markets and Ramazan Bazaars frequently to monitor the prices of daily use items.