The word 'Happiness' may look just like a nine letter word but it has muscle and theories that cycle the assumptions on the ground of meaning. There are so many notions on happiness but the question to contemplate is, what correctly happiness is? Why is it needed in everyday life?

Although, people are lost in search of happiness, monks, Buddhists and Brahmins have always hunted happiness as an inside job, not outside. As Gautama Buddha said greatly that Happiness too is a form of suffering. But then the mind asks, why is it okay to suffer from happiness? Is worthy for people? Buddha’s ultimate teaching to 'free oneself from ego and needs' was to never desire or dismiss the ego. Because ego is the desire and master of an image that can’t even raise the finger at itself.

An egoist mind will always seek happiness from outside; such as friends, family, money, parties, custom desire and many more; yet when a person achieves them, he is again in need for something more. This purely seems that a human need for happiness never ends and the more the people ride themselves for it the more they will quest for it.

While searching a person may go under numerous pressures not from outside but from within, such as expectations, projections, assumptions, negativity and decisions. This is of course in human’s nature to expect, but it is also human’s nature to control it.

Today, most people believe in illusions than in reality and that’s what terminates happiness from their lives for a long period. Illusions are born from needless thinking or from a reality which is never what the person thinks to believe. Nowadays it is one of the core reasons of divorce and other mental health issues in the USA. For instance, when a husband is seen with a woman talking out, a simple picture may put hundreds of illusions in his wife’s mind that probably lead to a disaster that may lead to divorce.

Moreover, your mind is your own lead. Whatever you think, will be brought upon you. For example, these days most people have thought to believe that happiness is an outside job not inside, thus clearly for these type of people happiness is really an outside job, for people who believe that happiness comes from inside they get happy for being alive, because tiny things will make them happy and they don’t get to complain about the world since they understand the past is unchangeable and the future is all in one’s power.

Of course, in life there are hard times which, for people who never experienced challenges will suffer tremendously hard. However, a positive and good thought upon what seems totally a mess is what makes a situation better. As Robert Frost in his wonderful poem 'The road not taken superbly' said, “Two roads diverge, and I took the less traveled by, and that has made all the difference,” simply get to be a creator not a follower. Creators even create their own happiness and don’t rely on others while followers need outside support for happiness.

In fact, today the reason majority of people feel depress is all because of themselves. When one is depress or down, he/she thinks of only dark times, so the more sad thoughts one thinks the more the mind brings, the more the mind brings the more the heart feels bad and this way the person starts to feel so overwhelmed and begins accusing the outer world.

In order to feel happy, even if in bad condition, think of happy and good moments, trying is the best medicine. Even, people who have all comforts in life remain in depression and extreme anxiety. This is all because of placing the happiness on materialistic things and worrying all the time about the comforts they have. That’s probably not called being rich or happy, it’s called being the slave of the things that display you rich.

Most importantly, to live happily, first have positive thoughts, think of good things happening to you and always form a positive attitude. Happiness lies within you, if only you look for it. A simple realisation is what can make your all doubts about yourself and the world wipe-out. You have to have faith that you are happy without even the external things and you are already complete and full.