MUZAFFARGARH : District Police Officer (DPO) Sadiq Ali Dogar has said that police are investigating the alleged burning of Misbah Saeed, adding the accused will be dealt as per the law.

According to police sources, main character of the incident Punu Qasai has disappeared from the area along with his family members.

Complainant Sasi Mai, mother of the affected girl, accuses a person named Yusuf of setting ablaze her daughter Misbah Saeed by sprinkling petrol over her for refusing his marriage proposal. 20 percent of her body had burnt in fire, and police arrested the accused.

However, there are also reports that Misbah and Punu Qasai allegedly had illicit relations. Yusuf complained to Sasi Mai about this relationship which Punu and Misbah felt ill, and they got Yusuf arrested by police. The DPO told The Nation that the police were investigating the case so carefully. He added that they had arrested three fellows of Punu Qasai, adding that investigation into the case was now near completion.