LAHORE - Ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif spends most of the time inside the air-conditioned prison, although he gets up early in the morning and sleeps late.

An air-conditioner, LCD, and three servants are provided to the PML-N leader who lives in a small but separate prison cell in Lahore’s Kot Lakhpat jail.

Since heavy jammers are installed around the jail premises, mobile phones do not work there. Like other prisoners, the ex-PM is entitled to use landline phone set to make a few call daily but he never availed this facility.

According to sources in the Prison Department, the three-time Prime Minister is served homemade food twice a day.

The food is supplied to jail on a special vehicle by the Sharif family. The food is served in the morning and again in the afternoon.

Some jail officials who spoke to The Nation on the condition of anonymity said that the PML-N leader strolls outside his cell only for a short time before evening.

“Most of the time he (Nawaz Sharif) remains present inside the cell where he reads newspapers and watches LCD. Nobody is allowed to move towards his cell because of tight security. CCTV cameras are also installed there,” an official said.

A jail official remains in constant contact with the PML-N leader, sources said. Occasionally, Nawaz Sharif visits the office of the jail superintendent to discuss the issue in case of any problem. The washroom attached to his cell is cleaned twice a day, and a commode is installed in the toilet on the request of the ex-PM, jail sources revealed.

It was also learnt that ordinary prisoners had to suffer a lot during Nawaz Sharif’s weekly meetings with relatives and party leaders.

The “in and out” of prisoners is stopped (during Nawaz’s meeting) due to security reasons. The jail authorities do not allow new admissions and the inmates are also allowed to leave prisons for court hearings during Nawaz Sharif’s meeting. “So, the prisoners had to stay inside the prison vans unless the meetings end,” another official said.

Tens of thousands of prisoners are languishing in Punjab’s overcrowded jails and most of them are not provided even ceiling fans during summer.

The jail authorities provide meal to prisoners twice a day. Many among the jail population are suffering from various diseases because of substandard food and poor sanitary conditions.