LAHORE  -    Fans around the world appreciated the powerful performance of Imran Ashraf as Bhola in the serial ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’. In the serial, Ashraf played a different capable person who was lauded for addressing issues such as martial rape, autism, and how to deal with mentally challenged people.

Recently, the actor shared a video he received from a fan, who thanked the actor with his character in the show for bringing awareness to the masses.

With his mother’s help, the boy, Muhammad, sent the star a video he shared on his Instagram handle.

“My heart is melting, Imran Ashraf. Thank you for the awareness. My niece has autism and they recently moved from the UK to Pakistan. Although people getting the awareness it’s a long way to go,” a fan wrote on the post.

“People will stare at her and will laugh or call her with funny names we need to teach our kids that’s they are part of us normal and special in their own way. I pray people can be more sensitive towards special kids . Insha’Allah we will get there.”