COVID-19 is changing the lifestyles of many people across the globe. Economically sound countries are now facing history’s biggest recession ever and as the world gets rid of this pandemic, a new world would likely to emerge. It would not be wrong to say that COVID-19 infused discipline and obedience at least in the lives of the Pakistani nation with some impunity, as people are now patiently waiting for their turn in queues, which wasn’t so common before.

Staff and officials in offices mind their own businesses and avoid poking their nose in the matters of others’ as social distancing has abstained them from doing so. People are taking the utmost care of hygiene and avoid wandering around outdoors unnecessarily. Any precautionary and preventative instructions, communicated through any source, are adopted by the people. Relatives and friends are not visiting each other without informing beforehand as they are avoiding meeting to curb the transmission of the virus. People are taking extra care so as not to sneeze and couch over anyone’s mouth and they are not spitting everywhere specially in public places. What our academics and religious teachings could not bind and infuse into us, COVID-19 has done efficiently and effectively.

The best part of COVID-19 is that shops are being closed at 5 pm sharp which forces shop owners to open shops early in the morning. The government should capitalise on this opportunity to regulate such legislation that all shops, markets and offices are to be closed before sunset across the country after the lockdown period and even after when the pandemic is over except few businesses like petrol pumps, hospitals, medical stores, restaurants, departmental stores, marriage halls and banquets.