DADU - The district government has im­posed a ban on the entry of tourists in Gorakh Hill Sta­tion, Sindh’s only hill resort, during Eid holidays to avoid spread of the coronavirus.

Therefore, all hotels, mo­tels and restaurants at the station will remain closed during the period.

However, the locals of Go­rakh Hill and suburbs will be exempted from the ban, according to a notification issued by Deputy Commis­sioner (DC) Raja Shah Za­man Khurro here on Friday.

It is further stated in the notification that large Eid congregations will be banned.

The notification asks the faithful to maintain social distancing besides follow­ing other standard operat­ing procedures (SOPs) dur­ing the Eid prayers.

The DC, in the notifica­tion, tells owners of hotels, motels and restaurants at Gorakh Hill Station to com­ply with the government order and do not let any tourist in during Eidul Fitr holidays, or otherwise get ready to face the music.

The notification further reads that the shrine of fa­mous saint Hazrat Qalander Lal Shahbaz will also remain closed until next orders.