It has been almost three and a half centuries since the Great Plague of London when Isaac Newton in his early 20s came up with the concept of gravity during the lockdown. It is a matter of great concern as to why these falling apples never bring the same realisations in our piece of the land. We are hardly short of young creative minds as Pakistan now has more youth than it ever had before. If we empower the youth and give them opportunities to enrich themselves, it can bring about development by leaps and bounds. But the concern here is proper intellectual growth.

Through the existing system of cramming, we are hardly out of our grave situation. Normative myths in our society require treatment of analytical skills. A sincere approach by universities and other educational institutions can bring dramatic increase in youth capacities. It will enable them to utilise their time effectively and efficiently in the existing lockdown. Only after such approaches can we expect theorists and scientists coming out of the pandemic with fascinating intellectual capacity.