Freedom simply doesn’t mean to be given a space to breathe. It also doesn’t come with being provided sufficient food to survive and live. Freedom is a feel that allows you to look at rich pastures and absorb the freshness without getting all of it, no matter how much you absorb. So, home is anywhere you feel yourself without feeling the urge to be any different.

Animals in the same way are used to the comfort of their own habitat, whether it is in the midst of the thorny forests or dry,barren lands, a place they comfortably call their “home”. Even though they are brought to metropolitan cities, in cages that are adorned with basic amenities yet they miss out on the homely affiliation, and the warmth of the thorns that serve to be their home.

The treatment meted out to Kaavan at the Capital, Islamabad Zoo that went global many years ago which became a cause of controversy and more so discussion followed by a petition that condemned the animal being chained up. The pain and affliction of many years has now been heard by the world, to an extent that it has now been recognized. The decision of being shifted to a sanctuary that it can willingly call home whether it is in or outside Pakistan that would enable the safety and security it has been deprived of, for way too long.

Kaavan, lived an extended period where its basic needs were being met but the sense of togetherness, belonging and association led to it feeling utterly isolated and abandoned. The loss of losing its partner back in 2012, came with being engaged in a relationship of separation topped with the deteriorating conditions of the zoo which was another reason of distress. The same distress that led to him bobbing his head against a wall, as a stunt of gaining attention of concerned authorities.

It is a matter of shame to see animals being caged in general, and chained up in particular without realizing their psychological needs, and being convinced that food is all they need for a living. However, the authorities in charge must think beyond their bodies and converse with their souls to reckon what being caged feels like and the form of torture these beings go through every day.

We as a nation have already shown how much we care in these past years. Now it’s time to let go of this ruthlessness and inhumane behavior to be able to pay back the debt that rests on our shoulders. Otherwise the crush of the animal kingdom and their plea might connect with the planetary rage, and shut us down completely. To a point where we no longer have any place on the planet Earth.

Kaavan, now that you are on your way to freedom, to a land where you truly live and belong among a herd of friends that you have missed out on for far too long. Remember to forgive those who have failed on the mission to raise you up, with love and affection. Because through you, we came to look at reality in its absurd ugliness.