ISLAMABAD-The panel of a national webinar on Saturday urged the federal and provincial governments to check rapid increasing population, unplanned and ruthless housing projects, unlawful land-change practices, and land and timber mafias across their jurisdictions to reduce the fast diminishing biological diversity and green cover. The forest cover has also reduced to less than two percent, and the loss of forests and biological diversity has multiplied the impact of climate change in different forms of emergencies and disasters.

Devcom-Pakistan and DTN jointly organized the webinar on ‘Covid-19, Climate Change and Biodiversity – our all solutions are in nature’ on Saturday in connection with the International Day of Biological Diversity.  

Advisor to PM on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam while delivering policy statement and Pakistan’s compliance of the United CBD, said the federal government has taken several steps to ensure biodiversity conservation. The initiatives include ten billion tree tsunami, Clean and Green Pakistan, and Green Cities Index.

He said the govt is planning to establish six national protected parks in various parts of the country, for which the ministry will provide Rs2.4 billion. A new department titled, National Parks Service for Pakistan will be created and all six parks will be a launching pad for this service. These parks will be established under the ‘Green Stimulus Programme’, he said.

launched by the government across Pakistan, aimed at nature conservation and provision of jobs, Malik added.

He said strong civil society network would enhance the protection of natural resources at local level. Under the Clean Green Champions more than 125,000 civil society volunteers have registered themselves with the ministry, in addition to a million more youth registered for the Tiger Force. They are the best human resources to engage for the protection of local environment, biological diversity and nature resources.

Supporting the concept of Ashiq ahmad Khan, a well-known expert, Malik Amin Aslam said that the federal government would make all efforts to declare Gilgit-Baltistan a biosphere for the protection of wildlife, natural habitats and resources.