As we always raise our voices regarding girls’ rights and freedom, we should raise our voices for boys too. It is now becoming increasingly common in our society that a girl’s wedding is just on the man’s handsome salary. A man is not an ATM machine to be used like this. If a good, well educated young girl’s proposal comes, the matter is stopped by the boy’s income. The society accepts only a salary as high as Rs 80,000 to 100,000 which is very wrong and meaningless, especially if they expect a young graduated boy. Over time, the salary increases. Even though, they demand a handsome, good looking man, no siblings or they have luxury etc. In order to get a boy for your daughter, you have to compromise on something otherwise the girl will stay at home forever. The boy is also a child of a human being. Does it mean that only if he’s a doctor, engineer, banker, or a businessman that your daughter should be stable?

This situation has increased significantly and the girls have increased their own demands. We should keep an eye on this thing. Don’t increase your desires. A man is not an atm machine.