ISLAMABAD - The PIA plane crash has taken the lives of innocent people who were coming to their loved ones to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Eid. Many people are raising their voice against PIA and they demand answers to this horrible incident. Actress Mishi Khan posted a video message and she raised her voice for the people and she demands an answer from the authorities. She said, “You have to tell people now! We pay for those expensive tickets and due to coronavirus, they doubled the price of the tickets just because the side seat is empty for safety. They earn so much and they play with the lives of people like this. In the end, they make stupid report to save themselves and close the case so that people shut their mouths. You all have to raise your voice against PIA and ask them ‘how did the plane crash before a few minutes of landing? How did the plane set on fire?’ They have to answer these questions,” she added.