All the governments after 2000: Musharraf, Zardari, and Nawaz Shareef, had taken credit for the commencement of the Diamir Bhasha dam’s construction. And for now, the PTI government has once again announced the start of its construction, which in reality is not a start but a resumption.

The project will offer 16500 jobs and add 45MW to electricity and saturate 1.2 million acres of agricultural land. It also increases 35 years in the age of the Tarbella dam, which is Pakistan’s largest dam. Furthermore, it also supports PMIK’s vision regarding global environmental change.

Now the main concern is that the price of construction of the dam is, for now, 15million which was 7million in 2008, less than half of what it is today and it will increase if we delay it more.

PTI government should start the construction immediately instead of short term projects for political purposes as past governments did.

Because it is a long-term project for the real progress of the country, if it gets delayed, it will become unbearable for our fiscal resources.

It is also supporting us in different dimensions for progress. So it should be resumed as soon as possible.