The attack on a convoy of Chinese engineers while they were on a trip to explore gas and oil reserves at Sui in Balochistan, that blew up two cars into smithereens leading to the death of five security personnel is part of the same game of destabilising the country. It is at the same time an attempt to drive a wedge between China and Pakistan. The Chinese engineers luckily remained unhurt. Later, they were transported to a safe location in a tight security cordon. The resistance that is busy across the border in Afghanistan does not consider China as an enemy; they only target Americans whenever they could. Tribes based in Fata are no exception. Therefore, the attack seems like the work of RAW and their American collaborators, as hinted by the Interior Ministry many a time. It is an open secret that as part and parcel of their machinations, certain insurgents groups are funded to launch attacks inside Pakistan. The Chinese are our long-time friends. They are currently in this point in time our only source of diplomatic support when the US and India are trying their best to isolate us. Not only that the Chinese are engaged in a number of development projects, ranging from civil nuclear cooperation to energy projects at a scale that they are going to sustain our economy in the days to come. It is clear that one aim behind scaring away the Chinese is to stop all the development works as well. Our intelligence apparatus and the Interior Ministry face an uphill task in nabbing such devious enemies who are behind these deadly attacks. Those supplying the material and financial support to such groups be nailed, but also it is necessary that the evil should be nipped in the bud once and for all. It is necessary that the security of the Chinese should be beefed up. It is cause of concern that they have been attacked in the past as well. There have been attempts to stir up unrest in the Chinese province of Kashgar to create mistrust between the two friends. While the Indians have penetrated themselves in the Karzai Administration, the presence of American covert operatives on our soil are factors that constitute a serious threat to our national security. We must not forget that the sight of Chinese helping us in our hour of trial is an anathema to them.