Hussain Haqqanis exit and Sherry Rehmans appearance on the diplomatic scene must not let anyone assume that the memogate scandal has now been hushed up or that it will simply fade from public memory. Whatever their political, social or religious affiliations, Pakistanis will not be ready to forgive someone who seeks US help in reining in the army and the ISI, even though Pakistanis are all agreed that the military must be subservient to a democratically elected government. Neither the media, with the modern tools of easy recall of the facts, nor the opposition parties will allow the government to brush these sensitive issues under the carpet. Irrespective of whether the memo has been crafted by some vested interests to besmirch the name of the President and see the end of Mr Hussain Haqqanis term of office at Washington, or whether all Mr Mansoor Ijaz claims is true, the truth must come out. And, as argued in these columns yesterday, the best and most credible way to get at the truth is to constitute a high-level judicial commission to thoroughly examine the evidence of the case and reach an impartial conclusion. Sadly, the society in Pakistan has been so corrupted and politics so polarised that the people would doubt the credentials of those other than the higher judiciary which, for all its unenviable record of the past, has emerged as a credible institution. In the meantime, the PML-N has filed a petition before the Supreme Court to take notice of this scandal. The legal community is divided on the question of setting up a judicial body; Sheikh Rashid, President of a faction of Pakistan Muslim League, suspects the involvement of the highest orders in the government, and underlines the need for putting Hussain Haqqanis name on the Exit Control List to ensure his presence in the country during the probe. PTI Chairman Imran Khan calls for exposing the real faces behind the story with the help of a thorough probe. Besides, charges of betrayal of Pakistans vital interests by the opposition parties and their rebuttals from government functionaries have continued to make headline news in the media. The situation, charged with emotion, calls for an urgent announcement about the constitution of an impartial investigation committee with full mandate to ensure that the PM House spokesmans assurance that the investigation would be carried out 'fairly, objectively and without bias is fulfilled. The sooner the matter is made clear to us the better