Why is the incompetent Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilour still heading the near extinct Railway Ministry? He has brought a functioning organisation to a grounding halt and in his defense he tells us that Pakistan should close down the Railways like Saudi Arabia (Biggest producer of oil) and Afghanistan (Who are building a new line from Tajikistan to Pakistan borders). He just adds insult to injury. On checking the Railway Ministry website the statistics clearly show that in the past three and a half years the Railway Ministry under the leadership of Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilour has reduced Railway fleet by 28 Locomotive Engines (24 Diesel engines, 3 Steam and 3 Electric engines) with no sell off record. Similarly 87 Passenger Carriages have disappeared off the books with no sell off record. The Railway employees salary has increased by 26 percent from 2010 to 2011. One of the most lucrative income source for the Railway, the Freight Carriage Business, has been steadily reduced from 363,000 to 126,000 freight loads, with many claims that the business was reduced to pass the income to the truck transport companies. The Minister of Railway claims that the Railway is suffering from breakdown of locomotive engines. Since less trains are moving on the tracks, the Ministry should be using less fuel, but surprisingly the Ministry has reduced the fuel usage by only 22 percent for locomotive (From 133,376 tonnes to 102,198 tonnes). It increased the fuel use for their cars by 100 tonnes a year. While checking the commodity wise list of movement via Railways the net we can see how the commodity movements suddenly dropped in the year 2009-2011, showing us that the Railways was operating normal and with profits two years ago. The locomotives were all operative, then suddenly the incompetent Railway Minister announced a new Chinese deal for locomotives and suddenly all the running engines of Pakistan Railway came to a stop within two years. Am I the only one who smells something fishy in these facts? These are some of the facts and figures available from the Railway Ministry of Mr. Bilour and all of these figures scream one thing, corruption. Can the relevant authorities please investigate these claims. SHAZ KHAN, Lahore, November 21.