As the incumbent Government wobbles towards the completion of its term and the political scene heats up with new political forces eyeing their opportunities in the coming days it is unfortunate that Army and ISI are again being dragged into the fracas by certain political quarters and for all the wrong reasons. It sounds ironical because the current MilitaryCivil equation has witnessed a manifest balance which remains unprecedented in the history of political affairs of the country. Ever since US ventured into Afghanistan in the aftermath of the 9/11, Pakistan has faced volatile challenges both at home and abroad. In such turbulent times the Government as well as the security forces of Pakistan have their job cut out for them. Army has persistently shown its determination to remain above board in times of political turmoil and has played a neutral role in diffusing crises which otherwise would have rocked the boat of the nascent democratic order with catastrophic consequences for the country. Coming as political expediency it would be extremely unfair to accuse the Army for taking sides and patronising any particular segment of the political order just because certain quarters want to explain their misfortunes at the cost of Armys shining image. Democracy allows the freedom of expression, yet like any other privilege it ought to be exercised with due discretion and responsibility. The current day Pakistan wants its people to choose its next set of leaders who can usher in a positive change in their lives. Politicians of the old order must perform or be discarded, as per the democratic tradition instead of finding lame excuses, like blaming the national institutions, to account for their manifest shortcomings and dismal track record. GUL REHMAN WAZIR, Peshawar, November 21.