The lives of at least 400 hepatitis patients registered at Nishtar Hospital are in jeopardy because of suspension of supply of injections used for the treatment of this deadly disease, The Nation has learnt. Sources said that the said patients had got registered their names with the free treatment programme about four months back but their cases were not approved so far. “Since their cases are not approved, the medicine quota for them is not released by the Health Department.” Sources added.

On the other hand, the patients registered with the same programme since long also made the same complaints. They claimed that they were not given hepatitis injections either. “We’ve got tired of paying futile visits to the Nishtar Hospital. Every time we come to the hospital, they tell us to come again as the injections are not received so far,” sources maintained.

They patients demanded the prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif and chief minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif to take notice of their plight and issue order for release of funds for the supply of hepatitis injections to public hospitals.

RECORD PRICE HIKE: A record 15.51 per cent rise in price hike is recorded during the last week, disclosed a report issued by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. The recent hike has broken the records of last three years and the section of the society earning between Rs. 12 and 18 thousand has emerged as the worst affected. According to the report, the prices of as many as 28 items registered increase and the rate of just three items went down. The prices of 22 items remained stable.

The report disclosed that the prices of potato, eggs, wheat, atta, pulses, garlic, chicken, red chilli, energy savours, fresh milk, cloth, sugar, ghee, LPG, beef, vegetable ghee, banana and other items increased while the rates of tomato, cane sugar and castor oil went down.

Universal Children Day celebrated: The Special Education Centre observed the Universal Children Day with a theme to raise awareness among children about their rights here the other day.

Prominent educationist Malik Hameed Ullah Jasra presided over the ceremony. Speaking on the occasion, the speakers said that parents must pay attention to the character-building of children, sowing among them love for motherland, and commitment to serve the nation.

They said parents must be friendly with children, share children hobbies, avoid physical punishment, help them develop self-confidence and should spend time with them.

In his address, Special Education Centre Principal said that Pakistan was the first among the 20 countries that ratified UN Convention on the rights of the children.

He said that more than 160 children were studying in the institution and SPT was also teaching with full attention to them.