It has been stated in a financial magazine that Taiwan has emerged as the new centre of innovation in IT and electronics including solar energy equipment. It has exported equipment to China worth 40 billion US in six months.

This shows the enormous potential of exporting IT equipment which can be exploited by Pakistan. It seems that we are not capable of taking any kind of initiative till our government decides to resolve our energy issues.

We are caught in a spiral of economic whirlwind due to lack of insight and inertia to move forward in developing our dormant sectors of water and power. The PML-N government seems to be dillydallying between hydel and thermal power. It appears the government is paralysed in the face of multifarious problems not the least being fighting terrorism of various brands.

These Herculean problems can only be tackled by a strong leader whose first and foremost aim would be to address the problems and resolving them.


Lahore, November 21.