More than 75 per cent of buses stay off the roads on the day CNG is not available. The busses that are on the road do double business by carrying more people than usual. These commuters are forced to ride on top of the busses or on footboards risking life and limb to reach work. Lahore is facing serious transport problems. A few coaches or buses operate in the morning and then disappear from the roads by noon.

Returning home from work is a dreaded issue and most office workers take days off on the CNG closure days and face deduction from their salaries for no fault of theirs.

The provincial ministry concerned must order the owners of the diesel-powered public transport to operate throughout the week. On non-compliance, their licenses should be withheld and penalties be imposed. In the interest of the people, public transport must not use CNG as there have been many incidents were people lost their lives in CNG kit exploding. A strict follow-up and checking of these vehicles must be carried out by the authorities concerned to ensure that they are not using CNG.


Lahore, November 22.