Once again the nation saw a theatrical comedy presented by Nawaz Sharif’ federal government and Imran Khan’ provincial government after the drone attack on a Hangu seminary in KPK. Both are trying to outdo each other in condemning the drone attacks and threatening the attackers with dire consequences. Both are also not ready to answer one fundamental question: what were commanders of Haqqani network doing in the seminary at the time of the attack? Haqqani network is part of Afghan Taliban but operates from Pakistani soil. It’s worth noting that Hangu is not part of a lawless tribal area but is part of KPK province.

It’s very obvious that no sane person is ready to buy this argument that US shall will stop eliminating the Taliban commanders only because they are hiding and operating from Pakistan. May we have some views from the government on the murder of another Haqqani network commander in Islamabad last week? Why was he staying and operating from Islamabad our capital with highest security?

We should stop fooling ourselves by acting like an ostrich hiding its head in the sand and believing that the enemy will vanish. Pakistan needs to come out of this perpetual state of denial and be courageous enough to call a spade a spade. Pakistan needs to get to the centre of this chaos, the ideological difference between religious militants who are eying on revival of Muslim Caliphate (Khilafat) in the whole region, and rest of Pakistanis who believe in a nation state.

Militants are still not ready to accept the fact that empires based on religion are things of the past; modern world nations are based on ethnicity, linguistic and geographical characteristics. Separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan is an undeniable proof. These are the very basic questions which have confused a large section of Pakistani society and as the other group has started an armed struggle. The state has retreated and lost its writ against gun-toting militants.

These militants have full backing from religious leaders who feel no shame in calling dead militants ‘martyrs’, and Pakistani soldiers sacrificing their lives while fighting terrorists as ‘merely dead people’. If a state is ready to take this abuse against its own soldiers, then no one can help Pakistan.

It’s time for deep and sincere introspection; drone attacks will not stop until we realize who are the real enemies of Pakistan. Is this going to happen; no, because it will not garner cheap popularity and votes. Then let’s continue to suffer because of our own people (and guest militants from other countries) and keep blaming rest of the world.


Saudi Arab, November 22.