I faced an unfortunate incident at the hands of a very prominent bank which has been operative for the last four decades. My father of 95 was ill for the last two years which restricted him to his room. The doctors gave no hope for his recovery. Being the eldest son on August 20, 2013 I personally met the manager of the back in regard to a locker that my father had maintained in the bank and told him all the problems. The Manager told me an officer will visit my residence to get a thumb impressions of my father. Later I repeatedly wrote to him as well as the president of the bank to apprise them that no visit had materialize for the last two and a half month I did not get any response whatsoever from anyone.

My father passed away and after his death when I visited the bank, the bank staff showed efficiency by promptly providing me a certificate surrendering the locker to be signed, by the ‘locker holder.’ I was shocked at the audacity of the bank staff who paid no heed to my cry of distress that my father had passed away! When I reached home I found the first official letter from the bank which was dated November 7, written a day after my father’ death!

These heartless and fraudulent actions are not the first that my family has experienced at the hand of these banks, I have lost all my mother’s jewelry, some certificates my father had, some very important documents and cash, and who is responsible?

All I can offer the bank is a visit with my father who lies in his grave and can take no action. Is there anyone who can help me and tell me the law prevailing in the country or will I have to waste more money in filing a case against an established bank. I am sure there must be some banking laws to felicitate the deceased family?


Kingdom of Bahrain, November 22.