LAHORE0 - The Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust and Pakistan Movement Workers Trust jointly held a special sitting to mark the seventh death anniversary of Pakistan Movement veteran Mehmood Ali

Paying tribute to the legend, NPT Chairman Dr Majid Nizami said: “The Pakistan – Bangladesh Brotherhood Society is a continuation of the Tehreek-i-Takmeel-i-Pakistan initiated by Mehmood Ali.” He addressed Musharraf Mushtaq Ali, (brother of Mehmood Ali) as “Chairman” of the meeting.

Chief Justice(r) Mian Mehboob Ahmed, Col(r) Raja Zahoor Akhtar Kiyani, Mohtarma Begum Mehnaz Rafi, Brig(r) Iqbal Shaf and Musharraf Mushtaq Ali also spoke on the occasion.

Shahid Rashid, Secretary Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust, observed that Mehmood Ali played a key role in the success of Sylhet referendum. It was he who helped eradicate feudalism in East Pakistan in the capacity of a provincial minister. He also founded the “Self-Sufficiency Movement” and the “Tehreek-i-Takmeel-i-Pakistan.” The latter aimed at the completion of the ideological and geographical boundaries of Pakistan by making the whole of Punjab and Bengal part of Pakistan. Shahid Rashid observed that the “Pakistan – Bangladesh Brotherhood Society” has been founded under the guidance of Dr Majid Nizami, so that mutual relations in every department of life be improved, the academic and research work executed in Pakistan and Bangladesh with reference to their glorious past may be benefited from, mutual trade may be promoted, delegations of students, teachers and journalists may be exchanged and a common approach towards preserving and highlighting the heritage may be adopted.  Shahid Rashid observed that Mehmood Ali chair has been established at the Punjab University through Dr Majid Nizami’s efforts.

At the end of the sitting, a poem by eminent columnist Asar Chauhan on Mehmood Ali was recited.