MARDAN - Begum Naseem Wali Khan, former provincial president of Awami National Party (ANP) and widow of late Pakhtun nationalist leader Khan Abdul Wali Khan, has decided to again take part in active politics, sources told The Nation Saturday. They said that Begum Naseem Wali Khan would create her own faction in the party.

In this connection, the sources said that Naseem Wali would arrange a meeting with dissidents and angry workers of ANP at Wali Bagh today (Sunday).

They said that in the 105 years political career Afzal Khan Lala and late well-known poet and nationalist leader Ajmal Khattak also made their own factions however they weren’t succeeded. Sources said that followers of Bacha Khan have great respect for Wali Bagh and being a member of Wali Bagh Nassem Wali Khan, who is also the stepmother of ANP chief Asfandyar Wali Khan, has decided to create her own faction in the party.

They said that from the last few years Wali Bagh was closed for political activities and Naseem Wali will take advantage from the current situation and will start her political activities from Wali Bagh.

They said that Nasseem Wali Khan would name her faction as ANP (Wali Group). They said that after Azam Hoti new tussle would be started between Asfandyar Wali Khan and Begum Naseem Wali Khan.

Sources said that despite having poor health condition, Begum Nassem Wali Khan will start his politics and will arrange meeting in different districts of the province.

They said that Naseem Wali Khan would also introduce her grandson Lawangin Khan in politics.

They said that Naseem Wali has also made contacts with several party dissidents to attend the meeting.