Children are the stars on the earth like that of the sky and future of any nation. Therefore quality education and effective character-building are of the paramount importance to make them true future architects.

This was stated by The Educators Fatima Campus Director while addressing a function held to mark Universal Children’s Day here the other day.

The director pointed out that there was unemployment and illiteracy in society and many people had less hope for development and progress, especially for their children. “The prevailing circumstances have forced many to beg to provide even the barest necessities to their family,” the director went on to say, adding that the situation warranted quality education and good upbring of children to prepare them for future challenges and responsibilities.  On the occasion, various events were organised to celebrate the day which was participated by the students enthusiastically. Pre-School’s little angles performance was fabulous. The students of 7th Class presented a presentation on the importance of universal day.

Teachers including Aqsa, Saira, Rabia, Ghazala and Rehab expressed their views while addressing the little flowers. Children were very happy on this occasion and felt free. The students of Class 9th presented their inner feelings through poetry which received loud applause.