Brazil alters flight number on clairvoyant crash call

SAO PAULO (AFP): Brazilian airline TAM changed one of its flight numbers after a renowned clairvoyant predicted a plane bearing the original number would crash shortly after takeoff.

Jucelino Nobrega da Luz, who says he predicted the deaths of Princess Diana and Brazilian racing legend Ayrton Senna, told authorities flight JJ3720, set to depart Wednesday from Sao Paulo to Brasilia, would develop engine trouble and crash on Sao Paulo’s main Paulista drag. Leaving nothing to chance, TAM changed the flight code to JJ4732 after receiving what it termed “indispensable information,” telling AFP passenger security was paramount at all times. Media quoted Nobrega da Luz Friday as saying he had most recently predicted the August death in a plane crash of presidential candidate Eduardo Campos.

But he was notably off beam on the outcome of Brazil’s 2006 presidential elections and also on a vaccine for AIDS being discovered in 2008.

‘Black Seadevil’ anglerfish caught on cam

California(DM): In the dark waters off the California Coast an elusive fish and scary-looking fish has been caught on camera for only about the sixth time in history. The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute has captured video of the an anglerfish. According to MBARI anglers are very rarely observed in their natural habitat.  The encounter occurred 2,000 feet beneath the surface and the peculiar-looking fish was observed and captured via the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute’s remotely-operated vehicle. The anglerfish is also known as the Black Seadevil and it lives in the deep, dark waters of the Monterey Canyon. Dr. Bruce Robison of MBARI described the anglerfish as being “among the most rarely seen of all deep-sea fishes.”

Although it looks menacing, the fish in the video is only about 3.5 inches long.

A spokeswoman for the facility said the fish is being kept in a dark tank with near-freezing water—similar to its ocean habitat but it is not expected to live.

The small but scary-looking fish is named because of the manner by which it feeds: by dangling the luminescent tip at the end of a “fishing pole” projecting from its head, and using the “glowing lure” to attract unsuspecting prey. It then snatches that prey, usually a small fish or squid, with its long, sharp teeth.

The fish had a role in Finding Nemo in which  Marlin and Dory are enchanted by the glowing light and are almost caught!

Russian ‘billionaire’ dies penniless

London (DM): Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky left an estate worth nothing in the UK after he was found hanged in mysterious circumstances. The former tycoon, an outspoken critic of President Vladimir Putin, was once known as Russia’s second richest man, worth £1.9 billion. He was found dead in March last year in a bathroom at his ex-wife’s £20 million home in Ascot, Berkshire, after a series of financial setbacks.  His family do not believe he killed himself, and a coroner recorded an open verdict.  Probate records reveal that he died without a will and left an estate valued at ‘nil’ in England and Wales. It is not known if he had assets held overseas or in trust or joint-ownership which would not have been included in his estate.

His daughter Elizaveta Berezovskaya claimed at a two day inquest in Windsor last March that the Russian Government could have been behind his death.

A German forensic scientist, acting for his family, who examined autopsy photographs, said he did not believe Berezovsky had killed himself.

But police found no evidence of foul play and the inquest heard how he had spoken of suicide before his death. Another scientist also concluded he had not been murdered.

The Berkshire coroner Peter Bedford recorded an open verdict, but said there was ‘compelling evidence’ of suicide due to Berezovsky’s depression and financial problems.

The former tycoon, also known as Platon Elenin, lost a London High Court battle with Roman Abramovich, the Chelsea football club owner, just seven months before his death.

He lost a £1.8billion damages claim over rightful ownership of the oil group Sibneft and was also left with an estimated £100million legal bill.