LAHORE - Sakina Institute of Diabetes & Endocrine Research Centre (SiDER) organised an inclusive talk on the "Effects of Diabetes on Fetus" with Prof Gerald Mason at Shalamar Medical & Dental College. Prof Yasmin Rashid was the Chief Guest. Large number of consultants and nurses attended the seminar.  Prof Gerald Mason briefed about the complications and effects of uncontrolled diabetes on infants.  Working at Leads General Hospital and Scarborough Hospital, UK, he has written over 50 research papers on Obstetrics & Gynae.

Prof Bilal Bin Younis also briefed about the services of SiDER. Prof Gerald Mason showed interest in working with SiDER in his research.  Chief Operating Officer Shalamar Hospital Prof Ahmed Wasim Yusuf, Principal Shalamar Medical & Dental College Prof Zahid Bashir and Dean College of Nursing, Dr Hadja Hadjirul also attended the seminar.