ISLAMABAD- Supreme Court (SC) has refused to give more time to government, for appointment of permanent Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) remarking, “Enough is enough, no more time will be given on this count.”

A three-member bench of SC presided over by CJP Nasir ul Mulk, took up the case for hearing today. SC further remarked “notices will be issued to Prime Minister (PM) and leader of the opposition, while notices can be issued to PM and chief ministers in connection with Local Bodies (LB) polls. Decision for withdrawing acting CEC will be taken today too.”

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Nasir ul Mulk remarked “the matter of appointment of permanent CEC is being delayed. Government can make consultation with leader of the opposition on telephone if it wills so. Much time has been given and no more time will be given. PM will proceed on foreign trip when leader of the opposition returns to Pakistan.”

Justice Gulzar Ahmad remarked “the matter can be resolved in a day if government wants.  Not a single additional hour can be given to government. If sincere efforts are made then its record could be presented before the court”.

Attorney General (AG) appeared before the court and said, the government was making sincere effort for appointment of permanent CEC, four names were considered in this regard. Two retired judges including Justice (Retd) Tassadaq Hussain Jillani and Justice (Retd) Rana Bhagwan Das declined to be appointed as permanent CEC. Government and opposition reached consensus twice on one name in connection with permanent CEC but the matters could not be materialized due to one political party. Now consultation process will have to be made afresh. Opposition leader is unwell and is abroad and the matter will be settled on his return to home.

CJP remarked “you had said CEC would be appointed till November, 24. Several opportunities were given to you and now more delay cannot be made. Notification about appointment of acting CEC will be withdrawn. Notices will be issued to PM and opposition leader. This is not such a big issue that so much delay is being made. How will the other matter run if one matter is being dealt with in such way?”

The court ruled that no more time can be given to government for appointment of permanent CEC. Government should present reply before the court. This matter will be heard during the hearing of LB polls case on December 1, 2014.