Rawalpindi - An Afghan girl along with her family is facing threats of dire consequences from unknown people for pursuing a case of her young brother’s abduction in anti-terrorism court of Rawalpindi.

Maria Sharify, 25, an athlete and swimmer by profession, and her family are now being threatened by unknown men on the way to court as well as at her house at Badar Colony, within the limits of Police Station Pirwadhai. They have been asked not to pursue the case against the kidnapper

Ahad, 13-year-old schoolboy, was kidnapped from a video game shop at Bangash Colony in November 2013 by unknown kidnappers who later demanded ransom for his safe recovery. A police team led by SP Rawal Division Karamat Ullah Malik had recovered the missing child from Chirat in September 2014 and had arrested a kidnapper namely Rahim Ullah.

The accused was later produced before the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) Number 1 for trial. Maria Sharify, the victim girl who also approached United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and police for protection, told The Nation on Sunday that five unknown men intercepted her on Friday at 4:30pm at Khayaban first and then outside her house at Badar Colony and asked her not to purse her brother’s kidnapping case in the court of law and for settlement of the case out of court. “We warn you not to appear before the court on next date of hearing or else you and your family can be in hot waters,” she said while quoting one of the five unknown men. She said that the lives of her and her family members were in great danger.

She added that unknown men also tried to enter her house but later changed their mind. “We are very poor and taking refugee in Pakistan. My mother and two young school going sisters are scaring and avoiding to go out of home now because of fear of the unknown culprits,” she said in chocked voice.

She informed that she not only filed an application with UNHCR but also tabled the matter before Pirwadhai police for protection. However, no protection had been provided to her and her family so far, she claimed. She said that she would appear before UNHCR today (Monday) in Islamabad to proceed the matter. Maria Sharify appealed UNHCR, regional police officer, city police officer and SP Rawal Town to provide protection to her and her family members.

Mumtaz, a police sub-inspector and investigation officer of the case, when contacted, said that victim had notified him formally about threats. He, however, said that it might be possible that the unknown men were relatives of the kidnapper and wanted to settle the dispute out of the court.  On a question, Mumtaz replied, “We cannot deploy police force at Badar Colony just because of one person.”

ATC Number 1 Special Judge Ismail Pervez Joya will take up Afghan child kidnapping case on November 25, 2014.