ISLAMABAD - Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid on Sunday accused Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan of using public money to pursue his political campaigning.

Rashid, while addressing a press conference in Islamabad, said that the airplane used by Imran for his ongoing political campaign across the country belongs to JWD Sugar Mills.

“JDW is a public limited company and the PTI Secretary General Jahangir Tareen only has 29.76 per cent shares in the company,” he said.

“The other 70.24 per cent shares are owned by other financial institutions and shareholders.”

He said that using the aircraft for political motives is an illegal act as per company laws.

“Company laws states that any public limited company cannot give donations to a political party and cannot contribute in monetary terms.”

Rashid further said the airplane was bought for company interests but was being used for politics.

“I haven’t heard if the majority of shareholders decided to use their airplane for PTI’s political campaign,” he said. “[JWD Sugar Mills] is supposed to crush sugar, not the economy of Pakistan.”

The information minister said such misuse of funds was being carried out by a person who gives lectures to the public on integrity and uprightness on a daily basis.

Rashid further said that the PTI chairman paid Rs 0.1 million in income tax last year, asking him to justify his ‘lavish’ lifestyle and travelling expenses.

“What other sources of income do you have?” he asked the PTI chief. “You’re travelling on stolen money.”

Meanwhile, PTI Secretary General Jehangir Tareen rejected information minister’s claims stating it is a blatant lie.

He said that whenever Imran Khan has travelled in the plane, he (Tareen) paid all the expenses and he was keeping all the documents since the day Imran Khan had started using the aircraft.

INP adds: Pervaiz Rashid categorically stated that no ordinance is being enforced for 30th November PTI public meeting.

In an interview with a private TV channel, he rejected reports that an ordinance is in the offing to deal with PTI rally. He said there was no proposal under consideration to impose any ordinance. He said the Islamabad administration is in contact with PTI about its meeting and if the PTI tried to repeat its acts of the past, the law will take its course.



Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Sunday has warned the PTI protesters that nobody will be allowed to hold a public meeting on Shahra-e-Dastoor at any cost.

All the preparations have been made to deal with any kind of situation on November 30.

While talking to the media in Islamabad, he said that "No one should underestimate the power of State".

Nisar said that the government will respond to violence with the force of law and Islamabad police had been provided two water canons and 12,000 tear gas shells.

The Interior Minister, however, said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has the permission to hold its public meeting in Islamabad but not to storm the capital City.