Bad guys get the best lines: Elba

London (BFT): The British actor has played drug dealer Stringer Bell in The Wire and a detective who takes the law into his own hands in Luther. In his latest film No Good Deed, he plays a murderer who escapes from prison and then takes a mother and her children hostage.

Idris said: “Luther’s quite dark, but he’s not this dark - this guy is all the way out there.

“I don’t think I’m that dark - I do have a bad temper, but that’s it.

“But I do think it’s fun to play that range - bad guys, bad characters always have the best lines and the craziest things to do, so that’s really exciting to play.”

The 42-year-old actor confessed he was not comfortable with some of the violence in the film.

He said: “I did enjoy the fact it’s a quite physical role. It’s unnerving - the film’s very violent, very, very violent.

“I wasn’t too keen on it if I’m honest. It was tough, but the thrill ride of all of that physicality was good to have.”

However, Taraji P Henson who plays Terry, the mother he terrorises in the film, insists she fought as good as she got.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button actress laughed: “Usually they like to show women in these positions like the damsel in distress ‘Help me, please help me’ and Terry really didn’t need any help, did she? I think she handled that pretty well, I must say.”

No Good Deed is in cinemas now.

Aerosmith as my wedding band: Zayn

 California (BFT): The 21-year-old singer is engaged to Perrie Edwards, although he recently admitted there are no concrete plans to tie the knot just yet.

However, that hasn’t stopped the young One Direction star thinking about how he would celebrate the big day with bandmates Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan.

And his idea would probably go down well with Perrie - she’s a huge Aerosmith fan and earlier this year her beau arranged for a video message from Steven to his fiancée.

“I probably won’t be singing!” Zayn was quick to tell the British edition of OK! magazine.

“I’d love to have an amazing rock star there... Steve Tyler - that’d be sick. See if you can sort that out!”

Liam and Louis are also in relationships, while Harry and Niall are the single lads of the group. The boys offered their tips for staying coupled-up on the road, advising to always have credit on your phone and using Skype and FaceTime.

“It’s unique to each person, but if you want it to work enough, it will - it’s as simple as that,” Louis shrugged.

One Direction are currently on a short break from touring, before their On the Road Again shows start in February. The loved-up boys make the most of their downtime by spending it with their other halves.

“Sorry, Mum!” Zayn laughed.

Louis added: “Truthfully, you come home, you make a cup of tea and you see your girlfriend.

“People can scrutinise all they want, but everyone would do that! Of course you make time to see your family and friends, too.”

Rita wants a dog

London (BFT): The 23-year-old star has a life many can only dream of, with hits such as Black Widow and I Will Never Let You Down dominating the charts and a small role in the hotly-anticipated movie adaption of Fifty Shades of Grey.

While some might think there’s nothing she could ask for this Christmas, Rita insists that’s not true.

“Well, I don’t have everything,” she assured the British edition of OK! magazine. “I really want a dog, so let’s see who listens to that. And I would really like to know how to set flowers, like go to a flower-arranging class...”

The star won’t be making a festive meal, but that she is good at pretending she cooked.

And before she thinks of the holidays, there’s the small matter of turning 24.

“Well, my birthday is November 26, so I’m thinking about my birthday first and then Christmas,” she admitted.

“But I’ve already thought about my Christmas presents because they’re pretty important. I can finally buy my parents something that they’ve always wanted. I can’t wait to go home - I’ve missed them so much and I’m never home.”

Fifty Shades of Grey is due for release in February next year and Rita is also working on her second album, with follows 2012’s Ora. For now, she’s focusing on her tracks rather than thinking about her next big-screen outing, although she does admit she has the “acting bug”.

“People have been calling a lot [about film roles],” she revealed. “But my focus is the album - it comes out in January - and the single, which features somebody really exciting.”