It was revealed in the National Assembly (NA) a few days ago that total amount of toll tax collected from High Ways in the country was Rs.30, 027 million during last three years. NA was told that amount of collection of toll tax was increasing each year but we see an increase in road accidents. NHA (National Highways Authority) is collecting taxes in billions, but where do these billions go? Poor conditions of the roads remain unchanged and people are losing lives every year. On Tuesday, one such deadly accident claimed 57 lives, including 18 children, in Khairpur. If we look at the facts we are shocked that road accidents are deadlier than terrorism. Just have a look at the figures by National Highways and Motorways police which tells that during last ten years 130,000 people were killed in road accidents,

Government should take responsibility of this dismal situation which is costing lives and fix it. They can also educate the citizens about traffic rules and laws, while speeding busses and wagons should be controlled. NHA must spend taxpayers’ money on awareness about driving, making better, one way roads, and building trauma centers on major highways. Approximately 90% drivers are unskilled and I wonder how they get a license to become a suicide killer? They kill themselves and other innocents and leave remaining crippled for life.


Islamabad, November 11.