ISLAMABAD- Marvi Memon, Chairperson National Assembly Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting, has urged Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan to avoid using abusive and unparliamentarily language against political leadership of the country.

Talking to sources, she said no decent leader could use derogatory and uncivilized language against national leadership. Difference of opinion and criticizing others was the beauty of democratic system but, no civilization permitted anyone to insult democratically elected people in such an objectionable way, she added.

Commenting on PTI's planned public meeting on November 30, Marvi said the government had no objection on any peaceful political gathering. However, it would not allow anyone to create law and order situation in the Federal Capital. Any violent or illegal move would be effectively tackled by the concerned departments, she added.

She said the national economy suffered a huge loss due to the long marches and sit-ins. She said, the government managed to control the damage and signed around 19 agreements with China, which would help strengthen the national economy.