A corrupt Senior Auditor of the District Account Office in D I Khan was caught red handed with Rs.223,000 which he had taken as graft from newly appointed teachers, through NTS. The stated amount was taken for their first salary through SAP system. Thanks to a magistrate, expeditious action against the culprit was taken. This is not the only incident, neither is this the only organizations with such habits, this is happening everywhere and in all government departments of Pakistan and that is why most of our youth wants to become a government officer.

I will tell of a personal experience, I went to the Account Office with a friend for clearing all large cheque which was given to me by the Govt contractor, a cheque from Communication & Works(C&W) department. It was my first visit to a public office. I was flabbergasted to know that District and Agency Account office’s personal demanded ‘tip money’ for the release of final payment of the stated cheque. Further, it was divulged that there is 1% tip money for the expeditious process of cheque. No one divulges or complains as the culprits cause obstacles in processing any claim. This is not only happening with C&W department but most of the government offices. This can become a pilot test for PTI-led Govt to eradicate corruption from all districts of KP. I am sure the present government will overlook this issue, when this could become a first step in eliminating corruption.


D I Khan, November 18.