LAHORE - The Lahore General Hospital arranged a ceremony to Dr Sarfaraz Islam, a philanthropist lady settled in the US who donated Rs 40 million for upgradation of dialysis centre.

Principal PGMI and LGH Prof Anjum Habib Vohra, President PMA Lahore Dr Tanveer Anwar, Prof Ahmad Salman Waris, Prof Safdar Shah, MS LGH Dr Junaid Mirza, Dr Athar Hameed, faculty members and office bearers of Patient Welfare Society attended the ceremony.

Dr Sarfaraz Islam said that overseas Pakistanis were ever ready to help and assist brothers in welfare projects. They only want their funds to be used transparently and honestly. She said that Prof Vohra has proved that there was no dearth of honest, dedicated and committed to their cause people in Pakistan as he materialised successfully the project of dialysis centre meeting all international standards. She announced to donate Rs 20 million for construction of ICU for Kidney patients.

Prof Anjum Habib Vohra said that donors have given over Rs 120 million for welfare project during his tenure as Principal PGMI.

He appreciated Dr Sarfaraz, saying her donation helped to buy 10 new computerized dialysis machines making it a total of 26 which helped the patients to a great extent. He also lauded the services of Patients Welfare Society.